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Audi A4

30TDi S-tronic Type 8W MHEV
30TDi S-tronic Type 8W MHEV
L5 / Z7G
light gray
Achterbank 1/3 - 2/3
Airbag achteraan
Airbag bestuurder
Airbag hoofd
Airbag passagier
Airco automatisch
Binnenspiegel automatisch dimmend
Centrale deurvergrendeling met afstandsbediening
Centrale vergrendeling
Cruise control
Electrische ruiten
Elektrisch verstelbare buitenspiegels
Elektrische achterklep
Elektrische stoelverstelling
Elektronische perkeerrem
Geheel digitaal combi-instrument
Keyless Entry
Koplamp volledig LED
Lane Departure Warning System
LED dagrijverlichting
LED verlichting
Lederen stuurwiel
Multifunctioneel stuur
Open dak
Panoramisch dak
Parkeerhulp achter
Parkeerhulp met camera
Parkeerhulp voor
Stop/Start system
Volledig leder

Special editions    E0A    No special edition
attachment parts with special surface    6H0    "Basic"
Lockable wheel bolts    1PA    Standard wheel bolts
Vehicle class differentiation
powertrains/platform parts    7IA    Vehicle class differentiation -8W0/8WA-
Tailpipes    0P0    Rear exhaust tailpipe (standard)
Emission standard    4BF    Emission standard EU6 DG
Product range structure    04A    Basic
Trailer hitch    1D0    Without trailer hitch
airbag    4UF    Airbag on driver and front passenger
side, without knee airbag, with front
passenger airbag deactivation
Storage compartment package    QE0    Without storage compartment package/box
Exterior mirror adjustment    6XK    Exterior mirrors, auto-dimming,
Left exterior mirror    5SL    Left exterior mirror, aspherical
Right exterior mirror    5RU    Right exterior mirror, convex
(large viewing field)
Alternative drive system    0K4    Hybrid propulsion system MHEV
Drive type    1X0    Front-wheel drive
Multimedia/video/DVD/notebook connection    9WC    Without "Multimedia" in vehicle
Equipment lines    A9F    Equipment 1
Stopping distance reduction system    6K8    pre sense city without pre care
Rear brakes    1KD    Disc brakes in rear
batteries    J2D    Battery 380 A (68 Ah)
Front brakes    1LA    Disc brakes in front
Components with special surface    6FA    Components without special surface
Special color trim    0UA    Without special color trim
Battery/alternator capacities    NY0    Standard battery/alternator capacity
Component sets for country-specific
prescriptive standards    B0A    Part set without country-specific
prescriptive standard
vehicle tools and jack    1S1    vehicle tools and jack
Owner's manuals    0XN    Information kit in French and Dutch
Driving mode selection    2H0    Without "drive select"
General operating license additions    C92    Operating permit, alteration
CO2 variant    0C0    Standard
Connect package 1    IT3    With Connect package 3
Connect package    IU2    With Connect package 2
Connect package Plus    JE3    Connect package Plus 13
Connect package 4    IW3    Emergency call service and
roadside assistance call
Shock absorption/suspension system    1BA    Federung/Dämpfung, Standard
Roof rails/roof rack    3S2    Black roof rails
Roof insert/convertible top    3FU    Big roof system
Decorative inserts    GT0    Decorative plastic inserts
Decorative films/emblems    6F0    Without decorative films/emblems
Tank filler neck for unleaded fuel/fuel
type    2G5    Filler neck module 1 without insert
Theft protection system    7AA    Electronic immobilizer
Inserts    5MA    Decorative inserts
Scuff plates    7M1    Scuff plates in door apertures with
metal inserts
Park distance control    7X5    Park assist
Extended safety system    7W3    With extended safety system
(proactive passenger protection system,
basic and rear)
Differentiation for manufacturing
process    0FA    Standard manufacturing sequence
Fire extinguisher    6A0    without fire extinguisher
Pedestrian protection    VL1    Extended pedestrian protection measures
Pedal cluster    VF0    Fußhebelwerk "Standard"
Headlight activation    8K4    Separate daytime running light
-- NAR --
Availability for features on demand
    FP1    FOD Funktionen online verfügbar
Parking brake    UH1    Parking brake
Front spoiler    5L0    no front spoiler
Vehicle tracking system    7G0    Without preparation for VTS
(vehicle tracking system)
Vehicle specifications    F0A    No special purpose vehicle, standard
Alternators    9G7    Belt-driven integrated starter
alternator 12 V 110 - 180 A
Transmission types/gear shift mechanisms    0G7    tiptronic
Weight category for rear axle    0YK    Weight range 10
installation control only, no
requirement forecast
Weight category for front axle    0JH    Weight category front axle
weight range 8
Base engine    T98    4-cylinder diesel engine 2.0 l
unit 05L.A
cruise control system    8T6    Cruise control system and speed limiter
Garage door opener    VC0    Without garage door opener
Luggage compartment trim    5A8    Luggage compartment trim (design 2)
Transmission specification    G1C    7-speed automatic transmission
Speed alert system/speed limiter    6Y6    Speed limiter
rear axle differential    GH0    Ohne Hinterachsgetriebe
Rear trim panel    6V1    Rear trim panel (ECE)
Manufacturer    A51    Audi AG
Rear spoiler    5J0    Without rear spoiler
Molded headliner    6NJ    Standard molded headliner
Rear seats    3NT    Unsplit rear seat bench, split folding
backrest (3 pieces), with center armrest
Heating system/air conditioning system    9AK    Climatronic with impact pressure
control, CFC-free
Main headlamps    8IT    LED headlamps
Head-up display    KS0    Without head-up display
Dashboard inserts    U5A    Instrument cluster, km/h speedometer
Breakaway interior rearview mirror    4L6    Breakaway interior rearview mirror,
Body forms    K8D    Wagon/Avant
Camera/distance sensor    QK1    With multifunction camera
Luggage compartment floor covering    6SS    Luggage compartment floor covering
Fuel tank volume    0M1    Fuel tank
child safety    4H3    Manual child safety lock
Climate zones    0Y1    Standard climatic zones
Compass/road sign display    QR8    Ohne Verkehrszeichenerkennung
Seat ventilation/massage seat    4D0    Without seat ventilation/massage seat
Antenna amplifier    GB0    Without antenna amplifier
Head restraints    5ZF    Front head restraints
Fuel filling volume    1Z1    Increase in initial standard fuel
Categorization for tires    A61    Category 1
Fuel systems    0F3    Fuel system for diesel engine
Body measures    5C0    Without special body measures
Child seat anchors in front    3G0    Without child seat anchora in front
Camera systems/surround sensors    KA6    With front and rear view camera system
and two side cameras
refrigerant    KK3    Kältemittel R1234yf
License plate carrier in front    6W6    License plate carrier in front
Paint preservation/transport protection    5K5    Transport protection film with
additional transport protection measures
Luggage/load compartment floor in rear    3GD    Plane luggage/load compartment floor
in rear
Lighting package (lighting)    QQ1    With additional lights (interior
Country group    FU0    Country group A
Steering system setup    L0L    Left-hand drive
Steering system    QZ7    Power steering
Backrest release    3H0    Without backrest release for front seats
Light assist systems    8G0    Ohne Lichtassistent
Lumbar support in backrests    7P0    Without lumbar support
in seat backrests
steering wheels    2PF    Leather-wrapped multi-function sports
steering wheel
Driving on the left/right side    AV1    Driving on the right
Loudspeaker installation    8RM    8 speakers (passive)
Leather parts    7HB    Leather variant 1
Engine cover    NM1    Engine cover
Center armrest    6E3    Center armrest in front
Variants    FM0    Basic equipment variant
Multi-function display/trip computer    9S9    Multi-function display/trip computer
active info display, configurable
Engine cooling    8Z5    Not hot country
Engine type    IX2    Diesel engine
Engine specification    DE9    4-cylinder turbo diesel engine
2.0 l/100 kW (4V) TDI common rail
base engine is T0N/TR1/T3Y
Neck heating    9K0    Ohne Nackengebläse
Navigation system    7UG    Navigation system - High
N.N.N.    FZ1    N.N.N., type 1
Model upgrade measures    GP1    Vehicles with special upgrade measures
Audi Sport/ Quattro GmbH    FQ0    Production wheels
Quality class    AQ0    Standard-production quality
Wheels    CX1    Alloy wheels 7J x 16
Smoker's/non-smoker's version    9JA    Non smoker version
Regional codes for radio    ER1    Regional code " ECE " for radio
Tire pressure monitoring system    7K1    Tire pressure monitoring system
tire    Q14    Tires 205/60 R16 92H
low rolling resistance
Tire suppliers    V0A    Tires without specification of tire
Spare wheel/breakdown kit    1G5    Space-saving spare wheel, same size
(same rolling circumference) as original
equipment tires
     PCZ    City assistance package with Park Assist
     PX2    LED headlamps and LED rear combination
lamps with dynamic turn signal in rear
     WAI    Equipment package for Belgium
     YED    Internal control code
Side airbag    4X3    Side airbag in front, with curtain
Self pick-up/special control    A00    No self-collection
Special labels    0SS    Labels in English and French
Tail lamp assemblies    8VM    LED rear combination lamp, dynamic turn
Additional tank for SCR    FK1    With additional tank for SCR (12 liters)
Window type (except for windshield)    QL1    Clear glass
Closing/opening mechanism
tailgate/trunk lid/rear gate    4E7    Tailgate/trunk lid power closing
Service indicator    QI6    Service indicator 30 000 km or 2 years
( variable )
Bumper systems    2K1    Stoßfänger verstärkt
Vehicle access systems    2F0    Without locking and starting systems
Seat belt reminder    9P6    Seat belt reminder, electric contact in
seat covers    N1F    Seat trim covers in leather, G-grain
pattern/leatherette, B-grain pattern
Seat adjustment    3PB    Power seat on the left, right seat with
manual height adjustment
seat heater    4A3    Seat heater for front seats
separately controlled
Safety certificates    0LU    With special labels
safety certificates for Belgium
Start-stop system/regenerative braking    7L8    Start-stop system with regenerative
Horns    8Y1    Two-tone horn
sun visors    5XK    Sun visors on driver and front passenger
Lane change system/lane keeping system    7Y1    Lane change assist
Lane keeping system/traffic jam assist    6I0    Without lane keeping system
Side and rear windows    4KC    Side and rear windows in heat-insulating
Sun blind for rear/side windows    3Y0    Ohne Sonnenschutzrollo
Control of production/pre-production    FA0    Control of series production
Headlamp washer system    8X0    Without headlamp washer system
Special approval measures    3M3    Passenger car design
Door handles/inserts    6JD    Body-colored door handles
Door and tailgate/trunk lid locking
mechanism    4I7    Central locking system Keyless Go
without SAFELOCK
Type-approval testing countries/
countries with specific requirements    B02    Type approval country Belgium
Carrier frequency for remote control    5D1    Trägerfrequenz 433,92 bis 434,42 MHz
Transport protection    NT0    Transit coating (type 1)
TV reception/digital radio reception    QV3    Digitaler Radioempfang
Installation parts for engines
(engine mount system)    1VG    Installation parts for four-cylinder
Front-end underbody cladding    1SA    Without additional front underbody guard
Identification labels    1EX    Special identification label for EC
for M1 passenger vehicles
Type signs    2Z8    Type sign and company logo
First aid kit/warning triangle    1T3    First aid kit with warning triangle
Front seats    Q1A    Standard seats in front
Telephone/telematics    9ZX    Mobile phone interface
Wind deflector    7S0    Without wind deflector
Thermal energy storage system/auxiliary
heater    7E6    Electric auxiliary air heater
Windshield    4GF    Heat-reflecting windshield
Additional tires (snow tires)    2WA    Ohne zusätzliche Bereifung
floor mats    0TD    Floor mats in front and rear
Decorative trims    4ZE    Black decorative trims
Additional body protective covers, side
    6EA    Without additional side body covers
(stone guard)
Additional child seat anchorage    3B3    Child seat anchors
Ignition locking system/electronic
steering column lock    0RZ    Without ignition/starter switch locking
without steering lock
Central electric system    VH0    Standard electrics
Auxiliary heater    9M0    Without auxiliary heater/parking heater