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Recently added

Renault Megane
III Tom Tom Edition
Vehicle ID 17032
Fuel type Diesel
Mileage 159977
First registration 17/11/2011
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Mini Cooper Cabrio
Vehicle ID 17031
Fuel type Benzine
Mileage 24148
First registration 27/04/2018
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Ford Transit Courier
Vehicle ID 17030
Fuel type Benzine
Mileage 4543
First registration 10/10/2019
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Mercedes-Benz A 180
(W177) AMG
Vehicle ID 17029
Fuel type Diesel
Mileage 14437
First registration 05/02/2019
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€ 15.950 PRIVATE
Renault Clio
IV Grandtour (2013) Clio IV Grandtou...
Vehicle ID 17028
Fuel type Diesel
Mileage 53058
First registration 25/11/2017
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Dacia Sandero
II (2012)
Vehicle ID 17027
Fuel type Benzine
Mileage 56286
First registration 15/01/2014
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Opel Vivaro
A (2001)
Vehicle ID 17026
Fuel type Diesel
Mileage 229512
First registration 17/08/2007
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Opel Corsa
E (2014) Black Edition
Vehicle ID 17025
Fuel type Benzine
Mileage 10108
First registration 01/04/2019
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Peugeot 308
II (2013) (L) 308 II Style
Vehicle ID 17024
Fuel type Benzine
Mileage 10339
First registration 06/03/2019
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